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Principal Scott Cunningham is a full service residential interior designer.

Scott’s approach reflects the vision of the client and the architect while incorporating the scheduling and budgeting needs of the contractor and the project as a whole.

Drawing inspiration from the light and color of the Northern California landscape, there’s a flexibility in Scott Cunningham’s work — an extension of his background as a fine arts painter and sculptor. His approach projects a visual landscape that is harmonious, coordinated and soothing. Scott’s finely honed understanding of color and material finishes creates a fluid look that is timeless and classic, while reflecting the personal style of the client.

Pre-planning is the most crucial stage in good design, Scott says. “Many people try to rush things — the most common mistake is not working through ideas fully, not seeing how all the parts fit together.”

A designer for more than 20 years, Scott Cunningham has a portfolio of award-winning work in styles from modern to historic re-creation for both residential and commercial clients. A winner of multiple ASID design awards for his work, Scott’s expertise has also been utilized by the San Francisco Housing Authority.